Shellyza Murji

CEO, Director

Shellyza is the founder and director of Soul Feet Dance Productions, established in January 2012. Shellyza began dancing at a young age and has been performing for over 20 years. She has been trained in Bollywood Jazz, and has a background in Khatak and feels at home on a stage! Shellyza has a Master’s degree in International Social Work, focusing her research on Dance Therapy. Combining her passion and education, Shellyza created SFDP, aspiring to build more than just a dance school. SFDP is committed to nurturing an environment for our students filled with fun, education and lifelong friendships where students are a part of a bigger family and the studio is a place to call home. Dance is close to Shellyza’s heart, as it was a foundational pillar in shaping who she is, and in turn passes that dedication, drive and desire on to her students.

Rasika Borse

Instructor/Community Outreach Program Advisor

Rasika began her dance training at a very early age with ballet as her main focus at The Quinte Ballet School of Canada and The School of Alberta Ballet. With her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance, she now teaches at various places around Calgary including The Young Canadians School of Performing Arts and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. She also has a strong foundation Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, and cannot wait to start a new year with Soul Feet!

Shania Prasad

Instructor/Health and Wellness Coordinator

Shania started dancing when she was six years old with a Fijian traditional dance style called "Meke". She trained in Meke for two years before taking an interest in Bollywood dance. At the age of 8 she joined a Bollywood dance school to expand her dance education. Once formally trained, Shania joined SFDP and became an instructor. Shania describes being an instructor with SFDP as an amazing journey, bringing out the joy and inner freedom she feels while dancing. Shania shares that SFDP is a place where she feels like she belongs and the interaction between students and instructors is so unique in that we all have so much fun while being able to teach technique and challenge our students. Shania considers everyone at SFDP to be her family, her amazing dance family.

Kayzra Mulji

Instructor/Marketing and Advertising Director

Dancing is Kayzra’s passion, her escape and one great joy. You can find her dancing anywhere there’s a good beat - in the car, on the street, at a park, and even sometimes in the shower! She has been dancing for as long as she can remember. She will be commencing her second year as an instructor at SFDP in the fall. Kayzra has a Bachelor of Commerce and works during the day as an Investor Relations Associate. Teaching dance is one of the best things that could have happened to her she says! Working with and showing our students how to express themselves and build confidence through dance is the most rewarding feeling. Being a part of SFDP means being a part of a big, loud and loving family – here everyone truly cares about one another. Welcome to our family!

Rhea Virmani

Instructor/Promotions and Events Coordinator

Welcome to the SFDP family! Rhea has been an instructor for Soul Feet Dance Productions for almost 3 years now and she can honestly say she loves her job!! Teaching dance is a whole new world to her as she started dancing at a very young age. Rhea’s passion and love for dance encouraged her to build up her confidence and a desire to share her knowledge with others. It brings Rhea great pleasure to see her own students enjoy achieving their personal goals through dance.

Tania Luthra

Instructor/Student Life Specialist

Tania trained in Bollywood fusion for 4 years before she started teaching with SFDP in January 2012. Bollywood jazz is her favorite dance style to perform on stage, excels in a broad range of dance styles. Tania loves teaching students of all ages; watching them practice and accomplish a dance routine is very fulfilling! Aside from teaching dance, she is a fourth year student at the University of Calgary majoring in Molecular Biology.